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At the iGeneration Youth office, we spend our time playing with ideas, words and images. Sound amazing? It is. If you’re a writer, photographer, illustrator, comic artist or entrepreneur, and the idea of working in a professional setting right now excites you, see what opportunities await you at our incubator.


Working under the direction of professional editors, you'll combine smart ideas, deep research, compelling storytelling and impeccable writing to produce stories that educate, inspire and delight audiences of all ages.

Visual Artists

Whether your artwork illuminates key concepts from an article or helps tell an entire story visually as a quiz, a comic strlp or even a game, you're the team that brings our writers' texts to life and makes our content pop.


We'll provide rigorous, hands-on training in magazine production and the business of journalism. You'll develop a strategy to finance, promote, sell and distribute our magazine. If you're successful, you share in the profits.

Get Published

If we accept you to our incubator and you do the work, we guarantee you’ll be published. It’s that simple.

iGeneration Youth Magazine

iGeneration Youth is an independent printed magazine headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to publish the highest-quality journalism by youth anywhere and be part of the movement that is defining the future of journalism and exploring how storytelling is evolving in the digital age. Additionally, we love highlighting people, places and things that deserve to be the center of attention, but frequently aren’t.

Newspapers Nationwide

Most teens want to be informed about news. However, mastering the daily ins and outs of news stories written for adult audiences typically requires more background, time and interest than teens have. We provide news organizations with in-depth, topical, trustworthy news and feature articles that meet the needs, interests and capabilities of young readers. Our stories offer teen-friendly layouts, eye-catching images and necessary supporting details for youth who often lack orienting background information.

Companies Big and Small

Rather than hire adults to write about youth, smart companies that want to have conversations with young people hire us to do the job instead. It's not just because we follow rigid journalistic standards and vigorously check our facts. Youth create our content, so we know best how they feel, what matters to them and what drives them to take action. After all, when it comes to youth-related content, age does matter.

Our writers, photographers and illustrators have been published in print and digital publications nationwide.

Let us help you shine.

iGeneration Youth offers a suite of editorial and graphic design services.

Showcase your passion

The Common App and supplemental essays required by most college admissions applications are some of only a few chances you’ll get to show colleges just who you are. We won’t tell you what to write, and we certainly won’t write your essay for you. Our editors will work one-on-one with you, in person or through the telephone or Skype, to create a story that demonstrates your personal vision, shows what you’ll bring to the table and proves exactly why you’re a fit.

Put your best foot forward

Our editors can help you navigate the writing process from beginning to end—that is, brainstorming, planning, outlining, drafting, revising and polishing a draft. This way, you can be certain your text performs exactly the job you intend it to. Professional writers work with an editor. Why shouldn’t you?

Stand out from the pack
A stunning visual portfolio can help make a strong impression and differentiate you from your competition. Don’t know where to start? Whether you need just a logo or a full Web-based portfolio, our graphic arts team can help.

Do you have a project? Contact our editors to get started.

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